We have 3 new residents who have joined us at Candlelight Lodge, please welcome Carol Hagney, Joseph Rickman and Carol Rickman. Welcome aboard. Upon building relationship in our community, I wanted to share one relationship that I gained while admitting new resident. Dana Jennings is a Care Coordinator at the Family Medicine Smiley Lane Clinic here in Columbia; she was on a journey to find a facility for a patient of hers. Dana had some trouble finding a place due to the patient’s income, but a coworker from another clinic informed Dana of Candlelight Lodge and how they’ve heard wonderful things. Dana called over the next few days we spoke regularly trying our best to help get the patient placed in a timely manner. Finally, after getting all the patient’s information faxed and taking a ride to Hallsville to pick her up, Ms. Carol Hagney joined us. I wanted to share this story because Dana and I worked together to ensure Ms. Hagney’s needs were met, we both had to put in work to make this happen in a short amount of time. We are both appreciative of one another and continue to check in. This is a great example of how we work with the community at the Lodge to help our residents make a smooth transition to our community. I am preparing to hold an informational conference for MU Adult Day Connection. Jerry Kiesling, Social Worker recently toured Candlelight Lodge. He expressed that some of their clients' families need education on what to do once they are unable to meet their loved ones need at home. I plan to go over-preparedness and gaining information about senior living communities, and our services and amenities.

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is the little extra”

- shout out to Telisa Anderson for referring the Rickman family to Candlelight Lodge.