After a historic snowstorm and a crazy winter of freezing weather mixed with a mild day or two the maintenance department is ready to put the snow shovels and ice melt away until the end of the year. The trees are starting to bud, reminding us spring is nearly here and landscaping projects can begin to beautify the grounds for all to enjoy. This transition between seasons can result in severe weather. Earlier this month there was a statewide tornado drill which provided us a chance to review emergency procedures.

Our goal is to keep everyone at Candlelight Lodge safe.

Moving away from the window and prevent being injured by broken glass during tornadoes, thunderstorms or hailstorms is a priority. The staff and residents’ practice this during mock drills form time to time, just as we practice fire drills one a monthly basis. These are required to be at different times of the day and night. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation during our evacuations regardless of how inconvenient it may seem. Happy Spring everyone. We hope to see you out and about in the courtyard or flower bed areas soon, enjoying the flowers, milder temperatures and brighter days.