About Us


The Candlelight Lodge has been privileged to serve the Mid-Missouri senior living community since 1959.

Our goal at Candlelight Lodge is to provide each resident with an environment where they can maintain or enhance their current quality of lifestyle and live with dignity.

Our Programs:

Long-Term Care

Short-Term Care

Memory and Dementia Care

Adult Day Care Programs

Featured Services

Memory Care

We have a secured, specialized care due to Alzheimer’s or Dementia. read more...

Adult Day Care

We provide general supervision to our residents by partnering with them in the activities of daily living! read more...

Why Candlelight

Senior Living Care

Let’s explore the fun side of senior living! We have a full schedule of wellness, spiritual, and recreational activities.

Adult Day Care

Our caring team of providers offer medical services, cognitive stimulation, social interaction, educational activities, meals, and more.

Transportation Services

Never be late for an appointment again! The Candlelight Lodge offers reliable transportation services to all doctors appointments.

Affordable Care

We offer various amenities to give our residents a well-rounded retirement experience.

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